Talent Management

Management Services

We offers a comprehensive package of services that are
designed to fill our client’s needs. Following is a summary of
the services we can provide:
Management Agent — ,IndyCar, Nascar,  all types of Talent.
We Provide overall image management  by
coordinating public relations and marketing for endorsements,
appearances, TV and radio programs, camps/clinics, and
speaking engagements.
Website Design
We have developed a strategic partnership with a leading
web design firm(Hicks Management). This relationship allows us to incorporate
our insight with their design expertise. The result is a site
that represents our clients and is very popular
An example of our work can be found at
Custom Sports Apparel
Provide custom logo apparel for players, teams, golf
tournaments, etc. We can also assist our clients in designing
their own custom logo and placing it on golf shirts, t-shirts,
bags, etc.

Event Management
Coordinate and manage sports camps, celebrity golf
tournaments, dinners, and other special events for our clients.
Career and Life Skills Management
Assist players in managing various aspects of their life —
career, personal, financial, spiritual — to aid in dealing
with the varied temptations traditionally faced by
professional athletes. Through our combined experiences in the
professional world, we are able to provide
a unique perspective on the challenges faced by professional
athletes. We also provide Foundations and Charities

Financial Planning
Develop comprehensive personal financial plans
financial institutions to address retirement planning,
spending programs (budgeting), investments, insurance
planning, structuring contract payouts, financial planning.  Our services are
tailored to meet our clients’ specific needs.

We  offer a broad range of disciplines
to develop solutions based on our experience in both the
talent business and the corporate environment.

Tim Hicks
Hicks Management co Sports,Talent and Modeling Agency
cell 317.294.0909
email tim@indyfine.com
web- www.indyfine.com

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